Air Lift Performance 4-Way Manual Air Suspension Kit-15-20 WRX/STI

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This Air Lift Performance AutoPilot V2 System provides you with everything needed to have a bagged suspension system.

The Air Lift Performance Suspension Systems provide the driver with the best of both worlds. You can achieve an aggressive stance without the inherent harshness of coil overs. With that said this suspension system is suitable for those who like to enjoy the occasional weekend track day and can wind down and slam the car at the next car meet.

This kit includes 4 Air Lift Shocks that are 30-way adjustable. So you can set them to a hard setting while participating in high-performance driving events. Or you can set them to a soft setting for daily driving activities. All shocks will come with top hats, and the top hats for the front suspension are camber adjustable for those of you who need a more aggressive camber angle. A set of gauges will also be included to let you know how much pressure you have within your system. 

To operate the air function of these struts, Air Lift has supplied one of the VIAR compressors that will come with all the required air lines, hardware, as well as fittings to make for a ready installation. Also included are height adjustment tools that allow you to adjust the height from the lower perch, then you can adjust the air in the shocks to your desired preference. You can drop the front of the vehicle as far as 4.8" from stock, and the rear you can adjust from 5.1" from stock all within a push of a button.