Once an item is returned, your refund and the way your refund is issued will vary depending on the condition of the item and the overall age of the order. Your refund will be issued minus whatever fees were specified by your customer support representative upon receiving your RMA# and return information. Cancellations will be refunded in full unless noted otherwise. If a gift card is used, the refund amount will first be issued to your gift card then your second form of payment.

Note: It may take between 3-5 business days before your return is received, inspected, and processed.

How Refunds are Issued:
Refunds will be issued to which ever method used to pay. Burnz Auto will not refund an account we do not have on file or any other separate accounts.

Refunds issued by Credit Card take 3-5 business days to show on the customers end.
Refunds by PayPal take 2-3 business days to show on the customers end.
Refunds by Gift Card take 1-2 business days to activate.
Partial Refunds and Restocking Fees:
As specified in our Returns Policy the customer will be responsible for all shipping fees on a return. All returns are subject to a restocking fee, please make sure to ask your customer support rep. about the restocking fee for your return. Items that are damaged, missing parts, not in the original condition, or have obvious signs of use for reasons not due to an Burnz Auto error will be charged a full restocking fee of 15%.

We enjoy giving you great service and like to add comedy to any situation, as we enjoy making our customers smile, we provide the best service available and work around the clock to improve each and every day. We are always willing to hear a customer out and have the ability to make some exceptions.

When talking with the support staff, do not “be a nasty” this will not help you. We are real people and treat you with respect, we understand you may be under a time line and we are happy to do our best to meet it. 

We want to get you your products, refunds, credit back as soon as we possibly can, It does us no favors to upset our customers or suppliers, with that being said sometimes suppliers, manufacturers, or even customers slow down these processes for our support team. Be sure and follow their questions, Check your emails for updates and work with us. This will ensure you have the best experience!

Not everything can go right all the time, the mixture of humans and computers can lead to an error every once in a while, if it is our fault or one of our suppliers faults, rest assured your covered by us. We take responsibility for what we sell. Knowing this, it is important that if you are unsure of a product or its fitment, you check with one of our friendly sales representatives before clicking the purchase button. Example- if you have a Subaru wrx sti and you order rx7 injectors, I’m not Sure why you thought that would fit, but that would be the customers mistake, not ours. If you ask one of our sales representatives to make a custom quote and provide them the part #’s it is up to you to make sure they work, they are following your wishes.

Now if you ask one of our sales representatives for a quote and they provide a wrong product, we have no problem covering it and making it right. First and foremost, we are always fair.

“I haven’t received my refund yet!” Support works Monday Through Friday 9:30am to 6pm ET If you inquired 10 minutes before close, 10 minutes after ordering, or 10 minutes ago there is a good chance it hasn’t been Answered yet. After a weekend Support could have up to 200 requests, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never knocked out a full days work in the first 10 minutes of business on a Monday morning, we are working hard to answer each and every message. Every inquiry is important to us, just like every sale is important to us, no matter how small or large.

 Carbon Fiber parts / Refunds

All our carbon parts are hand made and NOT machine made, this gives a greater chance for error. In some case carbon parts may need to be slightly and heavily modified and professional installation is highly recommended. Most of are parts are made from Japanese model cars they are slightly different vs the North American market cars. With some carbon parts, there very well can be slight imperfections, and this is normal for parts of this calibre and they will never be 100% perfect and the customers need to accept this or please do not order.

 Imperfections in the carbon weave and clear coat may occur and we do our best to avoid this, but things will happen. Customer will not be refunded for such things and will not be refunded if the require having a professional shop make modifications on their behalf to ensure great fitment.