Cancellations: Any orders can be canceled prior to shipping EXCEPT any made to order items such as (Fenders, Hoods, Bumpers, Trunk, GT Wings, Painted or Carbon STI Wings V Style Side Skirts and any made to order items) Contact us immediately to cancel your order with your full name, order number, reason for canceling, and the items you want to cancel. Cancellations are subject to fee of 5% of the original purchase price. These are fees we are charged directly from the vendor and credit card processors which is what is costs us to process your original transaction.

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Why am I being charged a restocking or cancellation fee? If you clicked the agree to terms button (which you do before checking out) then you have already agreed to being charged a restocking fee. Suppliers and manufacturers charge us a minimum of 15% if a customer decides They do not want a product anymore. Shipping is not included in this number and will be an additional fee. In reality we are losing money on every return, as we have to pay our support staff to assist you, shipping department to send and receive the products, inspect Them and re-market them “My items are not returnable because I didn’t package them well, I don’t think it’s fair” We sent you new products, and you were careless in returning them to us, now the items appear to be in a used state upon receiving. Since we only sell new products unless notated, We cannot sell a new item and accept back a used one, so this will be either denied, or carry a much larger fee. Package your products well, we want to give you the most we can back. We are not in business to collect a huge pile of returned items, we lose on every single Return (feel free to browse eBay for all of our returns, you could find a heck of a deal- insert link here)

“I was drunk last night and ordered car parts, now my significant other is going to kill me” Sorry bro or bra, if you pressed the order button there is a good chance the parts are already on their way, we cannot waive the fee, be more responsible with your drinking.

“My mom is going to kill me, I need to return these items” Install the parts and enjoy them, beg mom for forgiveness, she gave birth to you, she’ll understand! Maybe give her some foot rubs, mow the lawn, or take out the trash to help pay her or your dad back.

“My tuner said I cannot use this product” Although they can be like rockstars, it is up to you to consult them before clicking the purchase button, fees will not be waived because the wind changed directions and your amazing tuner had a change of heart this week.

“I sent a request for a cancellation and haven’t received an update yet” Support works Monday Through Friday 9:30am to 6pm ET If you inquired 10 minutes before close, 10 minutes after ordering, or 10 minutes ago there is a good chance it hasn’t been Answered yet. After a weekend Support could have up to 200 requests, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never knocked out a full days work in the first 10 minutes of business on a Monday morning, we are working hard to answer each and every message. Every inquiry is important to us, just like every sale is important to us, no matter how small or large.

“My part is out of stock, what do I do bro!?” Generally we will offer you an alternative if one exists on the market, it is very possible for an item to be on backorder or low on stock. BURNZ Auto specializes in carrying the most stock of hard to find items. And wants to fulfill every need

Contrary to what some may believe there is not a magical machine that prints out car parts due to this if you know you’re going to need a product we suggest you order ahead of time to prevent waiting on back order don’t wait till last minute as your deadline may not be met however we will do our best to get your products as soon as possible.